4 Things to Look For In An Arborist

An arborist is a skilled professional who has been trained in how to handle the care of trees. This might include proper removal, transplantation, trimming, healthcare, and other key things. When choosing an arborist, Orlando has several possibilities. How do you choose the right one? Ensure they have the four following things.

1: Experience: You want to find an arborist with experience in caring for the specific type of trees you need serviced, because not all trees are the same. There are distinct types of trees, which need different care. When you call or message the company, ask them if they have experience in tending those you have on your property – just to be safe.

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2: Good Cleaning & Handling Techniques: If a diseased tree was treated using a tool and that same tool is used on another tree without being cleaned, diseases can transfer. This is the reason it is vital to ensure your chosen arborist utilizes good cleaning and handling techniques.

3: Proper Licensing & Certifications: The type and amount vary by state, so you will want to do research for what is required in yours. Once you know what is required in your state, however, ensure the arborist you choose has the proper licensing and certifications. It is also a promising idea to ensure they have some type of warranty or insurance policy in the event something goes wrong while they are tending your trees.

4: Great Customer Service: Any company you hire should provide great customer service. One way to tell before hand how a company will treat you during service is to check out online reviews. While there may be one or two which vary from the norm, a company which receives a majority of good reviews will probably offer great customer service.