Our Apartment in West Palm Beach is Big Enough for Us and Visiting Kids and Grandkids

March 2nd, 2017 by admin

I am actually surprised that Florida is not elbow to elbow with people. Sure, they have hurricanes, but that nice sunny weather that is oh so nice and warm is great. No one wants to swim or surf in the cold, and Florida is where you are going to have a lot more warmer days than you get up in the snow belt. We waited until the kids were grown and married, and we looked for nice apartments in West Palm Beach. That was our destination of choice. Our kids are travelers, so we would see them more than once a year. Working for an airline helped me get great ticket prices for family anyway. We could fly them and the grandkids down to our place pretty much any time.

We got a nice big apartment in Florida. We looked at several apartments in West Palm Beach before we picked this one. We had to have enough room for family during the holidays. We got a three bedroom two bath place at Jefferson Palm Beach. Read the rest of this entry »

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