Easy Remedies to Keep Termites at Bay

The Termite is a winged pest that feeds on the cellulose found inside of decaying woods and many plants. Wood attracts the termite and as such, means that your house is in the line of danger. Did you know that in as little as two years, a termite infestation can completely destroy the home? It is important that you call the pros to get termite control berlin nj If you suspect this problem in the home. A few ways to keep termites at bay:

1- Sunlight Exposure

The UV rays from the sun can kill a termite. It is rare to see the pests during the day. You can eliminate termites that have infested wood products and furniture by placing them in direct sunlight for three to five hours per day for several days until they’re gone.

2- Neem Oil

Neem oil is one of the easier ways to get termites out of the home. Neem oil is sold at many different retailers and as an all-natural pesticide, regulates the growth of an insect. It then causes them to molt and die. Termites will ingest the oil and die after it is applied to the areas where the pests have been spotted.

3- Wet Cardboard Trap

The wet cardboard trap is another effective remedy for a termite problem. Cardboard contains the cellulose that termites love. Ask for a few boxes from the supermarket, soak them in water, and put them in places where termites have been seen. Once the termites begin feeding on the box, it’s time to pick it up and destroy them. This is easiest done by burning the box inside of an open fire.

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With these techniques in use, it is much easier to get termites out of your hair and out of your life. Protect your home.