The Divorce Sent Me Apartment Hunting

March 3rd, 2015 by admin

I was looking for apartments in Alabama, I had looked at dozens if not a hundred different complexes and none of them really had what I wanted where I wanted it. I was hoping to stay around Huntsville, so that was my main search area. I didn’t have much stuff as my wife took most of it in the divorce unfortunately, so I had this brilliant idea to start looking for furnished apartments in Huntsville AL. This is where my search took a turn for the better, these apartment complexes were usually in the nicer areas so I wouldn’t have to worry about sending my kid to school here, it was relatively safe. I liked that it came with basically a house full of furniture so that I wouldn’t have to replace everything that I lost in the divorce. Yep, things were finally looking up and I had a home.

The apartment was a three bedroom, I wanted enough room so that if my kids ever came to visit they could have their own rooms. I probably could have gotten a smaller one but I did not want to give the judge a reason to deny me custody of my children so I went with the biggest that I could find. I’m pretty satisfied with my choice, I use it as a pseudo storage area while my kids are not with me. I ended up getting to see them every other week, we got joint custody which is unheard of in my situation. The judge said me taking the initiative to get a bigger apartment for them was what leaned him that way. This obviously may not work for everyone, but you might want to try it out and see if that sways the judge one way or the other, they like parents that care.

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