We Are Going to Move to Leonie Hill Road

January 10th, 2018 by admin

When I looked at New Futura in Singapore as a potential place to live, I knew that I had to look at it in two different ways. My wife and I have three children, so we had to make sure that there were good schools in the area as well as plenty of features either on the property or nearby to keep them occupied, and we also had to make sure that the condo was going to be a good fit for our family. I looked at the schools first, because their education is very important to us.

I was pleased with not only the schools but also the other businesses and companies in the immediate area. I knew that we would have easy access to anything we would need if we lived at the condos on Leonie Hill Road. The next thing was to look at the features on the property. Our two boys are quite active with all kinds of sports, so I was pleased to see a fitness center, multiple swimming pools, a tennis court and more. Plus, there are several parks that are close to the area, so I knew they would have no problem getting involved in various things.

My daughter is more like her mother. She doesn’t mind a good game of tennis, but she prefers reading and just hanging out with friends. There is plenty available for her too in those regards, and there is even a dog park for our three small dogs. The condo itself is beautiful. It is nearly 3,000 square feet, which is a lot bigger than where we are right now. This is going to be a good move for us, which is why we are going to go look at it in person next week and make a decision that I think has probably already been made!

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